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      發布時間:2014-05-30 23:48:48

      At Amemo, we can't exactly help you unwind, but we can make your tech gear that much easier to enjoy —and we do this with passion. Say goodbye to first world tech woes like oppressive low batteries and limited ports. Say hello to an easier, smarter life.

      Founded by a group of spirited Googlers, Amemo is a multinational team of techies. But don't let that fool you —we're customers too. We like to approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology, raise the bar, and make life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction —period. Our worry-free guarantee ensures you get quick, no-hassle service when you need it.

      Such top down excellence hasn't gone unnoticed. The Amemo external battery has been voted #1 in class by thousands of online reviewers, praised by tech bloggers, and featured on ABC, while our renowned customer service has made us a fan-favorite across the web. So simplify your smart life — leave the details to us.


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